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About Me

Howdy! My name is Pinar and I'm a photographer in the Baltimore, Maryland area of the USA. I have always had a special love of the arts: drawing, sewing, painting, and playing the flute in some of my earliest memories. Since 2012 I also became heavily involved in the fiber arts: spinning yarn, knitting, crocheting, and weaving. I'm still an active member of my weavers' guild. I also enjoy nature, astronomy and science in general, running, yoga and meditation, laughing, and spending time with my husband and 25 year-old Senegal parrot. While introverted, I do love people, and am a psychiatric consultant serving the disadvantaged medically ill by day. 

In 2018 I decided to dedicate more time to the visual arts, especially photography. Like most people, I started out with a point and shoot camera. I was always told by family that I have a good eye for images, using light to capture the emotions and beauty of all that is around me. I feel that my psychology background makes it easier for me to anticipate how people will react to certain situations, allowing me to freeze the right moment. I'm constantly looking for the next interesting subject, be it a quirky family reunion, a nontraditional wedding, a formal business event: it's all worthwhile to me. I tend towards a more photojournalistic style, but can accommodate portrait sessions as well. Can't say I'm a fan of photographic postproduction ("Photoshop"). I'd rather get the shot via the camera however I must, though I do adjust things a bit in Lightroom. Beyond that, I'd prefer to paint your portrait the traditional way! I've also begun doing some videography, mostly short highlights videos for weddings on request.

Please peruse my galleries here and follow along, AKA "LafterTheFact" with me via my blog! Definitely looking to hire a photographer? Email me: pinar@lafterthefact.com